3 Scissor Lifts Safety Issues to Avoid in 2019

As we get back to work in the new year, many people will not be feeling at their most alert and energetic. This time of year is a prime period for accidents as we try to ease yourself into a new working year after a well deserved break. In this article, we will look at three common accident causes that you need to look out for at the start of the new year.

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts


 1. Avoiding High Falls

A recent study conducted by Safe Work Australia found that just under a third of all fall injuries were caused when using ladders. Other accidents occurred from working at height on mobile platforms or falls from a roof and other structures. When you work in construction, some of the most basic safety advice and training is concerned with working at height and on ladders. However, it can be easy to become complacent, especially when a workers attention is not on the job yet. It’s important to wear non-slip boots and clean off any mud or debris before starting a climb. There should never be more than one person on a ladder and if you need work carried out at height over a long period hire appropriate scissor lifts instead. It’s estimated that 28% of Australian construction fatalities are caused by a fall from height so always exercise care.

2. Vehicle Related Accidents

Experts estimate that approximately 16% of fatal work related incidents are vehicular accidents. Many of these accidents are caused by driver error that can be influenced by a number of different factors. Whenever a worker is using a mini loader, scissor lifts, and forklifts, they need to clean off their gloves and boots. To avoid leg injuries, it’s important to step down off equipment rather than jumping down. Awareness of the area and appropriate signage or fencing may be needed to keep bystanders away.

3. Stress Related Injuries

Many tradies work out, or they are physically fitter than people working in other more sedentary industries. This plus experience can lead to a feeling of invulnerability that can be very dangerous. When we feel overconfident, it’s easy to act like some sort of hero and carry loads that are far too heavy. This can quickly lead to a body stressing, which causes around 37% of all construction injuries. According to statistics produced by the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (eLCOSH) in the US, many construction workers have musculoskeletal disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, inflamed tendons and in extreme cases degenerative disc disease. All of these disorders can quickly contribute to back problems that could shorten a working lifespan considerably. This can be avoided by lifting and loading scissor lifts and other equipment sensibly. Your back should always be straight if you squat to lift, the stress placed on your back can be reduced by two thirds, compared to bending at the waist.

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Scissor lifts

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