4 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Access Rentals

Choosing access rentals to obtain critical equipment is a common practice on many job sites. This is a great way to get hold of the best (and most expensive) equipment to, supplement a fleet to meet unexpected demand, fill a gap during maintenance or repair and to quickly finish a job. However, this can be an easy thing to get wrong if you’ve never hired equipment before or it’s been a while. Let’s take a look at four common mistakes that you need to avoid when hiring access equipment.

Access Equipments

  1. Not Providing Adequate Training

Training is a vital part of using any equipment safely; this is equally true for the driver and other workers that are on the ground. Sadly, some businesses don’t provide adequate training for their employees on each piece of equipment. Even if the access equipment is only being hired for a couple of days, the operator should still be fully trained on it before it’s used. Whenever new equipment is being used, they should be trained or re-trained to ensure that they are competent. A lack of training can easily lead to an accident that could result in injuries or even fatalities in extreme cases.

  1. Repeatedly Hiring the Same Equipment

This may seem counterintuitive when you look at the points made above regarding training. After all, if you use the same access equipment all the time, then the operators will be well trained and confident in how it works. This is a valid point, but it may also be a good idea to evaluate your needs from time to time. As a project progresses your needs may evolve, and different types of equipment may be a better option. As an example: when the project starts you may have required a straight boom, but now a knuckle boom would be useful to reach new locations. It’s also worth mentioning that access equipment is often updated by manufacturers to include new features and safety equipment. So, changing your machines on a semi-regular basis may allow you to work with the most up to date equipment.

  1. Not Checking Schedules

Hiring access equipment is a fantastic way to fill a gap in your fleet due to essential maintenance or repair issues. This will allow you to keep on track without having to buy new equipment for your current project. However, this is only useful if you can adequately check your schedules to spot where you might need to hire your equipment. If the rental equipment arrives too early, it will sit idle and waste your money. If the equipment turns up later, there could be delays, and this will also cost money.

  1. Failing to Read the Contract

Before you make any commitment to hire any piece of equipment, it’s important to read the agreement carefully. Make sure that you understand all of the terms, the equipment you’re hiring, the rental period, how the equipment will be transported, what happens if something goes wrong and anything else you can think of. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything that doesn’t seem clear and you can avoid problems later.

If you need to hire access equipment, get in touch with Access Hire, and we will be happy to offer you the benefits of our extensive experience.

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