Access Hire Matches Forklifts Rental to Warehouse Needs

The forklift is an essential piece of equipment for your warehouse, so it is important to ensure that the forklifts you use work at optimal efficiency in your warehouse. Forklifts specs are many and varied, but Access Hire can save you hours of decision making by visiting your distribution centre to assess the type of forklift rental that will contribute to the most efficient storage and picking of goods. Having the correct forklift equipment can shave minutes off each collection and delivery, which add up to hours and days over time.

Forklift Rental for Warehouse

Safety considerations are vital when selecting the right forklift for the job, so using the expertise of the Access Hire staff can avert danger to your staff and business reputation. Warehouses can be potentially deadly workplaces. The warehousing industry contributed to 29% of all industry deaths across Australia in 2018.* Forklifts were involved in 190 injuries every year in Western Australia, and 11 people have died in workplace incidents over the past 15 years according to statistics from WorkSafe.

To cater for the space allocation Access Hire specialists will assess the minimum required angle width for stacking, as well as the turning radius available. You can select a forklift with a tight 2315mm minimum turn for safe manoeuvring and 6 – 120 mast tilt angle. To monitor the movement of staff in narrow spaces and improve visibility the Access Hire fleet of forklifts have electric sensors and well placed mirrors assist safety standards in your place of work.

Access Hire forklift rentals carry the appropriate model and brand to suit your business and are continually updating their fleet to ensure the most advanced technology and design. For smaller goods distribution their Royal diesel powered forklifts carry from 2 to 10 tonne and a lift height is a standard 3m. For distributing machinery and other heavy goods, Access Hire carry Kalmar models that will take goods to a range of 5m and weight of upto 37,000 kg and the Konecranes SMV 4531 TB5 which carries between 2000 and 6350kg with a lift height of 6.4m.

As well ensuring the right forklift for the job, it is important to have a well maintained, optimally performing forklift available. Renting with Access Hire ensures ongoing maintenance by service officers trained in-house, available 24/7. Accessories can be added to suit atmospheric conditions and the size and space available. If the most suitable forklifts for your distribution centre do not meet the training levels of existing staff, Access Hire also offer training for all our high reach and loading equipment.

Access Hire are in the business of providing forklift rentals specifically for industry needs, with a fleet of forklifts suitable for warehousing, construction, resources and mining. To match the wide ranging conditions on the various sites, Access Hire maintain a large fleet of 2WD, Rough Terrain and Container Handlers that are suitable for all industry requirements.


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