Access Hire Telehandlers Make Pipe Moving a Fulfilling Task

Moving pipes accurately and efficiently is a job for a telehandler from Access Hire.  Access Hire have the largest suite of quality brand telehandlers for hire– take your pick from JLG heavy duty four wheel drive telehandlers ranging from 5.6m to 16.7m with horizontal reach from 3.9 to 9.7 and a lift capacity from 2400kg to 40000kg. The JLG range also provide accessories and attachment to customise the telehandler to the particular job.  No matter the width or length, or material of the pipe, Access Hire can provide the most suitable telehandler to manoeuvre and lift the pipe into place.  Access Hire telehandlers are also suitable for pipe manufacturers to convey completed products into storage facilities, and loading or unloading onto trucks for transport.

Telehandler Hire for Gas and Oil Projects

These telehandlers will make transporting and fitting piping on large offshore or onshore gas projects efficient and allow excellent productivity throughout the project. 

Telehandlers are the perfect bulk pipe movers. With greater vertical reach than forklifts and horizontal reach, they are unmatched for Mining, Oil and Gas Projects.

The Genie range offers a wide selection of telehandlers for all jobs around site that require high reach maintenance or transportation of goods to hard to reach spots.

Access Hire can deliver the telehandlers for hire to any site via their in house transport service, guaranteeing timely and secure delivery as well as offering a mobile service team in all locations no matter how remote.

Telehandlers Attachments for Specialised Pipe Moving Equipment

Moving and setting pipes takes specialised equipment.  By renting your telehandlers from Access Hire you can be sure of utilising the most technologically advanced and engineered equipment available, allowing your project to advance smoothly and competently. Access Hire maintain all equipment for hire at the highest levels, and this is included in the telehandler hire rates.  On the job or in the workshop, the design allows for easy access and maintenance for mechanics such as the side mounted engines, oil immersed multi-disc brake on both axles and a lockable fuel tank.  A range of safety features build confidence in your operators and increases output.  Access Hire promote safety by offering training courses for operators for all of their equipment.   

Ring Access Hire on 13 40 00 to speak to someone in your area and receive a complimentary onsite inspection to discuss which Telehandler will best suit your needs – don’t forget to claim your Qantas Business Rewards. 

Access Hire have multiple branches across Australia and internationally for the convenience of all customers.

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