Boom Lift Hire Reaches Across Industries

The boom lift hire industry has been growing steadily over the last ten years, as industry operators discover the many benefits of introducing EWP’s into their projects. The boom lift can replace scaffoldings and ladders improving productivity and safety, as well as substantially reducing labour costs. Boom lifts are becoming popular in more and more industries that see the value of an elevated reach. Ship building, sports arenas, theatres and tower blocks are all areas that see increasing amounts of boom lifts on the job.

Boom Lift Hire

Boom Lift Improvements and Enhancements

Manufacturers of EWP’s are constantly evaluating their designs to find and add improvements that will enhance the user experience and reduce outputs. A significant upcoming change to the Genie range of Boom lift hires is the addition of platform load sense. This will enable mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP’s) to monitor the weight added to the platform. In the event the platform exceeds the load limit a disable function will be activated that will stop the machine and prevent a potential work place accident. Genie Hire is making safety a top priority for Australia workers.

Load Sense Increases Safety and Productivity

An extra feature included in the load sense cell will continually check the weight of the platform and match the load chart to the operating envelope. This function eliminates the need for the operators to constantly perform load field calibrations, and ensures a higher degree of accuracy. The safety element of this requirement speaks for itself and will give site managers the confidence of knowing that their operators will be unable to exceed load maximums. This allows workers to focus more on the task at hand and not constantly measuring load limits and operating inclination. If and when the disable function is activated, a load sense recovery feature incorporated into the system will instigate limited functionality and allow operators to return safety to the ground.

Full Boom Lift Training Available From Access Hire

Operators need to be trained to respond to the incorporated audible and visual alarms that alert them to the load limit capacity when it has been reached. Access Hire offer training facilities for all tickets required to operate their range of JLG and Genie Boom lifts.

Access Hire carry a full range of Boom Lifts for hire that will cater for all industries. With offices across Australia and internationally Access Hire are available to deliver boom lifts to your site safely and securely and ready to go. An in-house transport division will ensure safe delivery while 24/7 maintenance teams are on hand to come to your site in fully equipped service vehicles when and where they are required.

Call Access Hire now on to discuss the right boom lift for your company needs: 13 40 00

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