Considering Telehandlers for Hire? Questions to Ask to Choose the Right Equipment

When you’re considering telehandlers for sale, it is essential to choose the best equipment for your exact project requirements. Even the best telehandler rental cannot perform properly in impractical conditions or situations where it wasn’t designed to function. In order to choose the right equipment, there are some questions you should ask to make an informed decision.

Telehandlers For Hire

Telehandlers for hire

Will it Need to Be Regularly Transported?

If you only need to use a telehandler on your premises, you don’t need to worry about mobility. While most telehandlers for hire are designed to be easily moved around a site, they are not designed to be moved or transported long distances. However, if you perform work at different sites in various areas, you will need a highly mobile option. Of course, the Access Hire team can advise you on the best options to meet these requirements; you just need to be realistic about your requirements. So, if you’re planning a long term telehandler rental, think about your long term plans and if you will be moving to different sites on a regular basis.

How High Do You Need to Reach?

Will you need to access a rooftop or an area one floor above ground? Or are you trying to access a very tall building? There is little point in looking at telehandlers for hire that are incapable of reaching the heights you need. However, the reverse is also true. There is no point in paying a premium for a large access piece of equipment if you only need access to a slightly elevated area. You’ll need to give some thought to the heights you need to reach to choose a telehandler that is appropriately sized.

Do You Need Flexibility?

There are some types of equipment such as hoists and scissor lifts that go straight up, while telehandlers offer greater flexibility. So, if you have an easy to access site and just need to move straight up, you may not need a telehandler. However, if you have a hard to reach access area or an unusual shaped place, you’ll need the flexibility of a telehandler or other type of flexible access machinery.

Other Considerations

While these questions will help you to narrow down which type of access equipment is the best option for your job site, there are some other considerations that should be assessed. Firstly, you need to think about the hire period. You need to be realistic about how long you anticipate needing the equipment. You’ll find it far easier and potentially less costly to consider a longer term rental than arranging a short term hire and needing to extend it again and again. You should also consider the insurance implications of your equipment hire. While you may be covered under your public liability, you may need to extend your employee coverage, and there could be financial implications of choosing an oversized piece of equipment.

If you are in need of telehandler rental, you can rely on us. We have a variety of telehandlers for hire, and our team would be delighted to help you determine which model best suits your specific requirements.

Telehandlers for hire

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