Electric Scissor Lift Rentals are a Cost Effective Solution

Access Hire offer some of the best electric scissor lift hire rates available, with a superb range of Genie scissor lifts, suitable for all high reach platform work. Our large catalogue offers the latest in EWP design and functionality, allowing you to choose the specifications most suited to your site.

Scissor Lift Rentals

Scissor Lift Rentals Improve Safer Working Environments

All the electric scissor lifts in the Access Hire fleet are well built and have a range of technical specs that will suit any job and are safer than a ladder or rickety scaffolding. Find electric lifts up to a 13.7 metre working height, and a top lift capacity of up to 567kg. Unlike a ladder, the roomy platform provides space for two technicians and their equipment, with extending decks and a link stack centred at full elevation creating machine rigidity for full workplace safety.

Electric Scissor Lift rentals are ideal for areas where diesel is not allowed. With no noxious fumes, electric Scissor Lifts are the perfect option for internal work.

If your workmen require a sturdy platform to work from, electric scissor lift rentals provide a safe and reliable solution to ensuring you have the best EWP available.

Electric Scissor Lifts: Compact and Manoeuvrable

Folding down to a compact height you can store your electric scissor lift easily during downtimes. Alternatively, Access Hire can deliver the equipment when you need it to the required location. For easy access indoors, Access Hire provide scissor lifts with folding guardrails to allow effortless entry through all standard single and double doors.

Access Hire Have The Latest Models

Access Hire carry the very latest models of Genie scissor lifts, including the 50th Anniversary special Genie GS 3232, and the GS-4047. Genie lifts are a smooth functioning EWP and use the latest technology to provide the most efficient operations.

Electric Scissor Lift Rentals

The exceptionally quiet function allows usage in sound sensitive areas like hospitals or theatres, and all models can be maneuvered in the tightest spaces thanks to the Genie signature 00 inside turning radius.

For rougher terrain, an automatic levelling hydraulic outrigger system to create a level platform on slopes up to 5˚ and driving on a 25% gradient and at full height saves time and energy as you work. Workmen can take comfort from an on-board diagnostic system, allowing continual adjustment to be made as needed. This substantially reduces downtime and allows more time for the job on hand.

Electric scissor lift rentals from Access Hire give your company a cost efficient product, reducing expenditure on maintenance, financing, insurance and transportation. You are also able to earn Qantas Points with the Qantas Business Rewards programme.

Can’t decide which option is best for your job? Call Access Hire – 13 40 00 – to discuss which Scissor Lift will best suit your needs and arrange for delivery now.

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