Increase Efficiency in Solar Panel Installation with an Articulated Boom Lift from Access Hire

The popularity of solar panel installation is skyrocketing across Australia as the cost of emissions to the planet becomes apparent.  Installing solar panels on houses and industrial sites is a job made easier when you hire an articulated boom lift.  This versatile and flexible elevated work platform can provide a boost to productivity and safety.  

Access Hire will visit your site or sites, and help decide the best boom lift for the job, choosing from a fleet of top branded JGL, Genie or Haulotte machines.  Options include the JLG E400 series featuring the exclusive JibPLUS™ that has the ability to move side-to-side as well as up and down offering enormous flexibility on the job or a Genie boom lift with an extra wide rotating platform for installing solar panels on larger rooves.   Access Hire also have their own inhouse transport division to ensure your boom lift arrives on site on time and ready to go.

Boom Lifts For Hire

Eliminate Risks

Using an articulated boom lift eliminates many safety risks that may occur when solar panel installers rely on ladders or other high reach equipment. 

  • A boom lift uses hinged arms to position the platform into precision locations, allowing the technicians and their tools to sit comfortably and safely in the platform to achieve the height and placing as required.
  • Awkward angles such as sloping rooves can be worked on accurately from the safety of a boom lift platform. 
  • Slippery rooves, too short ladders, loose tiles or delicate skylights will be less of a problem when the articulated boom lift is employed.  
  • An articulated boom with an auxiliary power unit such as the Genie Z TM-34/22 IC allows safe use of power tools in high reach and vertical situations without extension cords.

Speed up the Job

Higher productivity without compromising on worker safety is a prime consideration for any job.  After all, time is money.  Renting an articulated boom lift from Access Hire will decrease hours on the job.

  • Two workmen, their tools and their lunch can be carried in the articulated boom lift platform, which both saves energy and introduces higher levels of output.
  • Your workmen can use the same boom lift to move around the site, as they install the solar panels.
  • Power units are part of the boom lift platform, allowing power tools to be used efficiently.

Access Hire articulated boom lift hire prices are very competitive and offer a cost effective solution to solar panel installation around the metro area and beyond.  Machinery can be delivered via the Access Hire transport division to your site and provide 24 hour spare parts and servicing at any location.

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