Material Lift Hire Caters to the Requirements of the Job

Australia’s material lift hire specialist, Access Hire, increases production and safety on the job by catering for all your lifting needs. Winning contracts is always a good thing – and if it means you need extra material hoists to ensure continuous workflow, Access Hire can supply the models you require for even the largest job.

Material Lift Hire Delivered to your Door

Construction jobs can take varying lengths of time and require a variety of machinery. If your own fleet of material hoists are not meeting the requirements of the current contract, it makes sense to contact Access Hire for a quick delivery of the specific lift you need. With all their equipment fully serviced and ready to go, Access Hire specialise in delivering and servicing high reach machinery on site in both remote and metro locations. With branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, other major centres and offices in the remote Pilbara, we can get the equipment to you where and when you need it.

Hire the Hoist for the Task

Find the hoist specifications for your size operation from the full range of models offered, ensuring you get the best one for the job, whether you are lifting containers, panels or flooring, or tools and equipment for your workmen. Material lift hire through Access Hire guarantees a cost efficient price thanks to our large customer base. You are also ensuring that your workforce will be using machinery that is the most up to date and technologically advanced machinery. Our fleet is 3.2 years on average, which means you will always be using the best options available.

Best Choice Material Lift Hire

Access Hire carry material hoists for items up to 295kg. The Genie GL series are constructed from sturdy yet lightweight aluminium and are easy to transport and carry, with a hold-down mechanism for secure carriage. With pneumatic tyres and castor controls the hoists are easy to manipulate around the site including through single door access. The fold down feature and reversible winch handle allows easy storage when not in use. For controlled lifting of containers, machinery and getting tools and other items to high elevations quickly and conveniently the Genie Material Hoist GL and SLC models provide the security and confidence you require.

Efficiency gives you the Edge

Using the most efficient equipment will give you the edge over your competitors as you reduce downtime and increase productivity. All our machine hoists operate at maximum functionality, with exceptionally safe and smooth lift capabilities.

Contact Access Hire now on 13 40 00 to discuss immediate delivery of material lifts and hoists to your site. Don’t forget to ask how you can gain Qantas points for all hires for your business.

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