Material Lift Hire Reduces Workplace Injuries

The continual introduction of improved designs to new Material Lift Hire equipment reflects trades’ feedback and makes high reach jobs easier and safer, contributing to lower incidences of workplace accidents. Access Hire, as the exclusive Genie Aluminium Material lift hire agency, can supply your company with the lifting mechanism best suited to your project and workforce. Access Hire prides itself on quick delivery of the specific lift you need, specialising in delivering and servicing material lift hires on site in both remote and metro locations. With branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide, other major centres and offices in the remote Pilbara, we can get the equipment to you where and when you need it.

Genie Lift Hire

Compact, Lightweight Genie Lifts

Thanks to their ease of use, convenience and flexibility, the Genie® SLC® has long been an industry favourite in the crank operated material handling hire arena. The compact design ensures a narrow footprint at your worksite suitable for urban settings. Genie Material lift hire is easy because the design incorporates a telescopic portable pneumatic hoist that is capable of lifting 136kg loads to heights of 3.8m, or 113kg loads up to 5.6m. Across Australia, tradesmen are making the most of the lightweight aluminium construction, that is well suited for industrial applications and HVAC installations. The hand winch can be easily operated by one person with the ability to lift, lower and move loads of up to 295kg.

Lifting Materials Safely and Accurately

For the air-conditioning engineer and his team, material hoist hire provides a simple solution to manoeuvring heavy equipment at height. The lift can be used to elevate units into position quickly and safely and air ducts can be easily moved to the ceiling. This eliminates the need for the expense of cranes, the labour-intensive scaffolding set up and tear down and the precariousness of ladders, as well as reducing the risk to technicians of muscle strain injury. The Genie Lift is also the go-to hoist for plasterboard lifting and positioning, as well as fixing overhead sprinklers, plumbing or electrical fittings. Working around the warehouse, the Genie Lifts are also ideal for transporting, lifting and positioning small pallets and bulky items in tight situations where a forklift can’t fit.

Reduce Downtime, Increase Productivity

Using the most efficient equipment will give you the edge over your competitors as you reduce downtime and increase productivity. All our machine hoists operate at maximum functionality, with exceptionally safe and smooth lift capabilities.

Contact Access Hire now on 13 40 00 to discuss immediate delivery of material lifts to your site. Don’t forget to ask how you can earn Qantas Points for all hires for your business.

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