Metal Halide vs. LED: Which Lighting Tower Hire do You Need?

When you look at the Access Hire lighting tower hire page you will notice that there are two options available, they are: metal halide and LED. Both of these lighting options have advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to understand these differences in order to make an informed choice for your project.

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Metal Halide Lights

A metal halide is a compound that is formed when halogen and metal elements combine together. This could include materials, such as sodium chloride and uranium hexafluoride. A metal halide light will produce light when an electric current is passed through a combination of metal halide gas and mercury. The use of metal halide vapour improves the quality of the lights and makes it more efficient.


A metal halide light can be up to five times more efficient than a standard incandescent bulb. The light is higher quality with a colour temperature of up to 5500K. These lights are ideal for high intensity light applications, such as sports stadiums, photographic lighting, and vehicle headlamps.


A metal halide light can take 15-20 minutes to warm up and reach their optimal operating temperature. They cannot switch on and off quickly like an LED light so they must be left on for longer periods. A metal halide light can be less efficient if it’s run at less than the full operating power. Finally, a metal halide bulb will cost around the same as an LED unit, but it has a far shorter lifespan, and this will increase maintenance costs over time. In extreme circumstances, a metal halide bulb could explode although modern systems have safety measures to prevent this.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting

A diode is an electrical component that has a pair of electrodes, a cathode, and an anode. Electricity flows through the anode and out of the cathode to create light at certain intensities based on the voltage levels. This method of lighting has increased in popularity in recent years; it’s now a common way for people to light their homes and some car manufacturers are switching to LED headlights and tail-lights.


An LED light has an extremely long lifespan compared to other lighting options. This type of lighting is more energy efficient than any other commercially available alternative. The light quality is excellent, and the maintenance costs are very low. This is a very easy to way to light a wide variety of spaces and the light is instantaneous compared to a metal halide lighting system.


An LED lighting tower may seem like the ideal choice because there are no apparent downsides. However, there is one clear disadvantage to consider before making a purchasing choice because an LED lighting system can be expensive to buy. But, this isn’t a concern when you decide to hire an LED lighting tower from Access Hire.

If you need an LED light tower rental for your project contact us here at Access Hire and we will be happy to help.

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