The Maeda Mini-Crane now for Rent at Access Hire

Advanced Technology in Motion

The Maeda crane has introduced the future to the Access Hire fleet, providing a crane that operates safely in confined spaces, with the capacity of a fully sized machine.  Welcome to the future.  The Maeda mini-crane incorporates advanced level control systems into a compact sized crane that can be driven and fit through single doorways, for the ultimate accessibility.  Capacity ranges from .9995t to a massive 6t.

Input for Safety

The Maeda is the optimal crane for safety and functionality, allowing the operator to programme instructions directly into the machine via a fully intuitive LCD panel.  Input heights, angles and lifting weights, then stand back as Maeda contorts itself into the exact dimensions required. 

Maeda Machines

An Industry All Rounder

Suitable for multiple industrial applications, the Maeda mini-crane is used in mining, oil and gas, processing plants and industrial and domestic construction and is ideal for roofing, electricity installation including solar panels, maintenance and more.

Productivity Surges

By renting a Maeda crane from Access Hire you will improve your bottom line throughout the project.  Productivity increases will be apparent as you reduce work place safety incidences, save on transport time and costs and perform tasks quickly with a lifting device that can be positioned close to loads and enter through single doorways. Access Hire can tow your Maeda crane on main roads without the need for oversize trucks or spotters, reducing transport costs greatly.  With gradeability of up to 230, loading and unloading is a quick and easy task.

Exceptionally Strong but Lightweight

An overview of the Maeda catalogue reveals a range of flexible, lightweight cranes that can perform high and heavy lifting jobs in previously inaccessible spaces.  The narrow carriage allows passage through single doorways, with low pressure and optional white tyres for sensitive floorings.  Electric engines are quiet and emission free, with the option of alternative fuel motors.  Telescopic booms use advanced hydrostatic transmission, with hand held remotes. 

Take the MC305-2

The MC305-2 mini crawler crane uses centralised outrigger controls to extend outriggers and level the crane and has an automatic hook storage system for transporting. The unit is broken down to five low weight units and is quickly reassembled on site.  The high tensile steel 5-stage telescopic box section boom is controlled by remote control and minimises side deflection. 

For more information on how the Access Hire’s Maeda fleet of mini cranes can enhance your projects, call a consultant now, or get a quote online at Access Hire.  Access can come to your site to discuss your requirements and provide all transport to and from site, as well as ongoing maintenance.  Don’t forget to claim your Qantas Business Rewards when you call.

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