Thieves and Lights Don’t Mix: Access Hire Lighting Towers Prevent Theft

Theft and vandalism on building sites cost Australian businesses millions of dollars every year.  Access Hire offer a selection of lighting tower rentals as an excellent tool to fight against thieves.  Lighting towers are recommended by state police across Australia as an important part of theft and vandalism prevention on building and construction sites. Theft from residential construction sites add to the costs of all construction, and is hard to recompense. 

Lighting Towers Reduce Theft

Lighting Towers Reduce Crime

Lighting tower hire from Access Hire will keep your site lit up during the night and help deter potential thieves.  Temporary fencing, secure storage lock ups and marking materials are also part of the package for smaller items around the site.  As raw materials make up the bulk of items stolen, lighting towers are most effective.

Lighting Towers Increase Visibility

An Access Hire lighting tower can keep your site safe in two ways.  When police and security services patrol the area, they will be able to easily spot any unwelcome visitors to the site and act accordingly.  Likewise, any passers-by will be able to see if the lot is being raided and will be able to ring police to act, as well as providing a witness to any crime being perpetuated. 

Lighting Towers Deter Criminals

The other way lighting towers provide effective security is as a deterrent.  The Australian Institute of Criminology report, Theft And Vandalism At Residential Building Sites In Australia recorded that 74 percent of theft incidents took place in the evening or night and 82 percent of vandalism occurred after dark.  Potential thieves are less likely to try and pilfer from a well-lit site which is why is makes sense to consider light towers rental to keep your construction site secure.

Access Hire carry a large range of lighting towers for rent, suitable for all sites and size yards.  They carry an option of LED lighting or metal halide with outputs up to 2880W for inner city sites or remote locations. The solar powered lighting towers stand from 9m to 11m height while the metal halide range from 7.5 meters to 9m and carry a configuration of 4 or 6 lights in either 1500 or 1000 watts.  To find out the best lighting tower hire cost call Access Hire to have a consultant come to your site and assess the best equipment for your needs.  Access Hire offer their own transport services, and can deliver the lighting tower you require directly to site.  Don’t forget to claim your Qantas Business Rewards towards more equipment from Access Hire.

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