Trailer Mounted Boom Lift Hire Is The Flexible Solution For Tree Trimmers

A tree surgeon has the difficult job of getting close enough to individual branches to attend to trimming or lopping, while still maintaining a safe situation. In the past ropes have been used to keep the arborist in position, however the new range of trailer mounted boom lifts from Access Hire offer a much more versatile and precise piece of equipment for all arborists and tree trimmers.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift Hire

The trailer mounted boom lift uses a hinged lever to manipulate the guarded platform into position. Held sturdily in place by interlocked outriggers, the footprint is relatively tight. The trailer can be positioned as close as possible to the trunk of the tree and the boom then elevates the tree technician into place. When one part of the tree has been attended to, the boom can be manoeuvred into a different location without the technician needing to leave the platform.

Sitting securely in the boom lift basket, the tree trimmer can use the remote control to manipulate him or herself into place and trim branches safely away from overhead power lines, performing their job in the safest workplace conditions available. With up to 227kg lift capacity, the boom lift allows a tree trimmer to take his power tools in the basket without risk. The platform offers plenty of room to carry hand and chain saws and other tools of the trade in the 0.68 m x 1.12 m (2 ft 3 in x 3 ft 8 in) aluminium platform. A secure guard rail provides clip on facilities for all safety harnesses.

Access Hire carry trailer mounted boom lifts that reach heights of between 5.59m and 9.6m which allows easy access to trees in the metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. The extended reach is convenient for awkwardly located trees as well as allowing the tree technician to trim branches around power lines. The boom trailer can be parked safely on a road or track, while the platform is extended to the specific branch that needs attention.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift Hire

Access Hire trailer mounted boom lift hire prices are very competitive and offer a cost effective solution to high reach jobs around the metro area and beyond. Machinery can be delivered via the Access Hire transport division to your site and provide 24 hour spare parts and servicing at any location.

Ring Access Hire now to see their full range of EWP hire and ancillary equipment hire – 13 40 00.

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