Trailer Mounted Boom Lift Hire Provides Unmatchable Flexibility

In the last half of the year, there was a significant increase in the number of building permits issued across Victoria – and Melbourne in particular1. In response to this uptick in construction, the convenience of the trailer mounted boom lift hire comes into its own. Construction companies can take advantage of the convenience of trailer mounted boom lifts delivered and serviced all hours by Access Hire for high reach jobs across the city.

Transport and Position with Easy Towing

The trailer mounted boom lift is ideal for technicians that need the flexibility of an easily transportable elevation. Attached with a standard car tow ball, moving the boom lift from one job to the other is highly convenient. This allows contractors to use the same boom lift in completely different locations as per requirement in a single day with no additional transport and delivery costs. Simply latch the trailer onto your tow bar and you’re good to go.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift Hire

The trailer mounted boom lift also provides a quick set up – once it arrives on site it is ready to use right away without needing to be lowered and positioned. Access Hires’ selection of trailer mounted boom lifts are ideally suited for smaller construction sites and fast jobs.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts – Quick, Efficient, Safe

The Genie TZ-34/20 and the Genie TZ-50 both offer the stability and reach you need to get the light changed or electrical wires fixed quickly, efficiently and most of all safely. With a 200kg lift capacity and rotating platform, you can raise two workmen and their toolkits, and position the lift to the exact location. Our models have a built in tool tray for convenience and safety. A self-levelling platform provides steady balance and security while the technician does his job.

Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts Go Where You Need, When You Need It

Though an Access Hire technician is available 24/7, the model comes with a full sized spare tyre for quick change if necessary. The tyre attachment beam has its own wheel for easy manoeuvrability and safety. The trailer mounted boom lift has ac power to the platform and variable speed controls. An outrigger capacity of 11 degrees with interlocks provides a relatively tight footprint to work close to the building.

Access Hire use their Market Share to Offer Competitive Trailer-Mounted Boom Lift Prices

Access Hire trailer mounted boom lift hire prices are very competitive and offer a cost effective solution to high reach jobs around the metro area and beyond. They can deliver to your site and provide spare parts and servicing at any location around the clock.
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