Why You Should Hire an LED Light Tower for Your Next Project

Whenever you need to hire some type of portable lighting solution, it will probably come down to a choice between an LED light tower and a metal halide lighting unit. LED lighting has become more popular in recent years due to its lower cost of ownership and lower fuel requirements. However, some people still prefer metal halide lighting because it’s a technology that they are familiar with or they have purchased the equipment. Let’s take a closer look at LED lighting for construction and show why it may be a good fit for your next project.

Why You Should Hire an LED Light Tower for Your Next Project

LED Light Tower for hire

What is LED Lighting?

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting is an energy efficient light source that has become popular for many reasons. Initially, it was adopted by the domestic market as an alternative to older style light bulbs and other gas filled energy saving models. Now many companies are offering LED lighting solutions for the construction and other industries.

Why is LED an Attractive Option?

An LED light tower has a higher price point, but it costs far less to run compared to a more traditional metal halide system. In fact, an LED tower running on a diesel generator may use 50% less fuel than a metal halide alternative. Added up over time, this is a massive saving on fuel costs for any business. There are also other vital savings to consider; an LED fixture will easily outlast a metal halide unit many times over. This massive increase in fixture lifespan will also save a great deal of money especially when you realise that metal halide fixtures are more expensive than the LED equivalent.

The Costs of Downtime and Labour

Another less obvious pair of costs that are worth mentioning is downtime and labour costs. Whenever a lighting fixture fails, work has to stop, and the lighting fixture will need to be replaced. This may seem trivial, but metal halide lighting fixtures will fail far more often than an LED fixture. Also, because an LED light tower uses less fuel, the generator won’t need to be filled as often, and this is time that a worker can spend on other essential tasks.

The Quality of LED Lighting

Let’s face it, when you need to work at night or in dim lighting conditions it can fatigue your eyes quickly. This can lead to mistakes and accidents, so anything that we can do to improve lighting would be beneficial. Many people enjoy using LED lighting because it feels more like natural light that you would have if you worked in daylight. There is no warm up time like a metal halide system, and an LED system can be linked to timers or be turned on automatically on certain models. The only real barrier to entry when considering LED lighting is that the equipment is expensive to purchase.
If you’re interested in an LED light tower rental, get in touch with Access Hire, and we can get you the equipment that you need.

LED Light Tower for hire


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