Best Photos of June 2018

Trucks ready to roll out on a cold mid-winter morning at the Access Hire NSW Yard
Access Equipment Hire's first Athena tracked scissor lift ready for hiring. We rolling these out across Australia.
Early one cold winter morning, the sun rises over Sydney
Kids are the perfect height to clean the truck chassis
The sun rises over the Sydney Access Hire yard
These Genie Z-80s from Access Hire Perth are making glazing these buildings easy
The JLG 1350 can reach just a little bit higher than a ladder.
Access Hire Sydney has started work long before the sun rise
Need to work 30 metres up in the air? Access Hire has the JLG 1350 which is perfect for the job
Delivery to site
Rainbow over the St Marys depot
Too high! Let me out
JLG 1350 transported anywhere in NSW
The new Perth Head Office and Yard as seen from above
Rainbow over the St Marys depot
These 2 Genie GS-1932s where spotted helping with the construction of a new sports bar in Belka Vista Sydney NSW
Helping out our customers gives the team a tremendous dose of statisfaction
Perth's clear skies are cut by contrails above the Access Hire and Rentals yard
A full collection of Genie gear on its way back from one of our Hunter Valley customers
Bar construction is easier with the right tools. Here a Genie GS 1932 does the heavy lifting
Civil construction is a breeze with right tool. Here a Genie S-85 is being used to finish a retaining wall
Need to repaint 7 meters in the air? This Genie GS 1932 is perfect for the job
The mighty Genie SX-180 is the largest boom in our fleet - 180 feet straight up
Fire safety is difficult - unless you have an Access Hire Genie GS 4069 to get you up there
Installing sprinkler systems 40 feet up? Easy with Access Hire and our Genie 4069
Rendering the second floor? Access Hire's Genie Z-34 will be perfect for the job
Access Hire's Genie S-65 helps out with a civil engineering job in South Australia
Genie scissor lifts are perfect for working at heights internally and externally
Reach the heights with Genie scissor lifts from Access Hire Australia
Installing solar panels and need 3 people plus 100 kgs worth of panels? This Genie GS 4047 will do the job. This is the new Access Hire office in Perth
Access Hire's GS 1930 and Haulotte Star 10 are working to finish this building in Darling Harbour, Sydney
We've got everything you need, ready to go
When a glazier needs to work at heights, they should contact Access Hire
Ever wonder how they change the light bulbs in those massive light towers in major stadiums? This Genie S-125 is doing exactly that at Adelaide Oval
This new Toyota dealership is being built with the help of 2 Access Hire scissor lifts
Civil engineers know to go to Access Hire
Scores of electric EWPs are being charged ready for service
The king of the fleet, the Genie SX-180 provides access over 60 meters
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