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Access Equipment Hire views safety as the number one concern for all our staff, clients and equipment. We are committed to operational excellence and delivering industry leading health, safety and environmental performance.

“Access Equipment Hire is committed to operational excellence and delivering industry leading health, safety and environmental performance”

We have one of the highest safety records in the industry and view safety as vital to the ultimate success of our business. No activity is so important that we cannot take the time to ensure that all our premises and equipment are of the highest standard in safety for both our staff and clients.


We ensure that all safety and maintenance checks are carried out in accordance with the company’s stringent health and safety policies, and also ensure that any contractors working on our behalf comply with the relevant acts and regulations.


Our vision for HSE is “zero harm” based on the following principles:


• HSE values will not be compromised
• No job is so important and no task so urgent that the necessary steps cannot be taken to perform it safely
• It is everyone’s right and responsibility to intervene if there are any concerns that safety or environment is being compromised.


Our vision will be accomplished by:


• Ensuring compliance with all relevant HSE legislation, standards and codes of practice
• Fostering a mindset throughout the company of an incident and injury free (IIF) workplace. This underpins the implementation of all HSE procedures
• Encouraging a culture of personal responsibility for safety and health behaviour
• Demonstrating leadership at all levels to strive for HSE excellence and to hold Managers accountable for implementing this policy in their area of responsibility
• Implementing and maintaining an effective HSE risk management system that is consistent with the work activities
• Promoting the efficient use of energy and water, reduction of waste, recycling of materials and prevention of pollution
• Minimising adverse environmental impacts which could be caused by our activities
• Continuously monitoring HSE performance and auditing key activities in order to foster the continuous improvement of our HSE Management System and performance
• Providing appropriate HSE training to all employees
• Providing effective rehabilitation support and services to employees in the event of a work related incident or illness and ensuring their safe return to work

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