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How To Choose The Best Light Tower For Hire According To Your Project

Lighting is crucial for safety in the workplace and for protecting everyone on site. While a LED light tower for hire may seem like the best choice to fully illuminate your job site, there are some key factors to consider before you make a hire decision.

What Area Needs Lighting?

There are several considerations based on the lighting area that need to be assessed to determine the best light tower for hire according to your site. A large open area has far different requirements than a compact site with lots of potential obstacles. For example, LED lighting tower hire may provide sufficient lighting for the immediate area but may not illuminate the surrounding areas. This could be a potential issue if there is a congested area adjacent to your worksite that could pose a risk. You may need to consider a higher output lighting arrangement that will provide illumination for the entire area.

A LED Light tower illuminates the immediate area

A Light tower illuminates the immediate area and surrounding

What Activity Needs to be Illuminated by the light tower for hire?

There are varying levels of lighting that can be better suited to different activities. For example, detailed work requires cleaner and brighter lighting compared to movement. So, you need to think about the activities that will be happening on site after dark to plan accordingly.

Solar light towers or Diesel Light towers?

Lighting towers are generally powered on their own by either, diesel or solar power. If you choose a Diesel Light Tower you will need the ability to refuel it periodically, which also can produce fumes. While Solar lighting towers are designed to run completely autonomous in an eco-friendly way, with no emissions.

Globe Power – Lighting tower GP6 METROD

Globe Power – Lighting tower METRO GP43K

How much space do you have?

There are stand lighting towers or trailer-mounted lighting towers. The stand lighting towers are the best option when you don’t have much space to deploy the lighting tower. However, generally have a lower lumen output than the trailer-mounted lighting towers.

The Trailer Mounted, also known as portable light towers, have a higher lumen output and are easy to transport as you can transport using a towing vehicle. However, Trailer Mounted Lighting towers require more space for both moveability and solar panel deployment.

Will Shadowing Create Problems

Finally, you need to think about whether shadowing will create problems. If your project involves intricate work, shadows may cause a nuisance and slow progress of the task. In this case, you will need to consider a lighting rig that will emit diffused lighting to minimise shadowing.

Lighting ring which emits diffused light

Light tower for hire which doesn’t emit diffused light

If you need lighting for your worksite and are considering a light tower for hire, contact us today. We have a variety of available options and our team would be delighted to help you determine the right lighting for your project.

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