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6 Steps To Use A Boom Lift Safely

When you need to use a boom lift for the very first time it could be hard to know what to do once you have hired it. Especially, If the operator hasn’t used a lift for a while or is unfamiliar with the equipment. In fact, the pressure can quickly become overwhelming, and this can easily lead to an accident. In this article, we will look at six steps that you need to take when wanting to use a Boom lift safely.

Step 1: Find the manual before starting to use a boom lift

Every hired boom lift should come with some documentation to show you how to operate it safely. There should be a case mounted somewhere on the boom lift platform, and it’s often located under the control box. This case should have a manual for the boom lift, and it’s important that the operator reads this from beginning to end before they use a boom lift.

Step 2: Make sure the boom lift is safe

Now that you know how to use a boom lift, it’s time to get ready to move it to the new location. Put on the provided safety harness and make sure that the attached lanyard is free from fraying and other damage. Then carry out a set of pre-use checks to ensure that everything is working as intended.

Step 3: Get into position

Climb up onto the platform, make sure the safety rail chain is secure and then attach your safety harness to the designated anchor point. Then take a moment to test the turning and driving functions, and you should also check each arm carefully. Now you can start to use the boom lift.

Step 4: Get ready to move

It’s the moment to raise up the platform to a comfortable height where you can easily see the front wheels. Always keep a close eye on the areas around the boom lift to ensure that you know where the potential obstacles are located. You should have a spotter when operating your boom lift to advise you of any obstacles and on-site hazards, either underground, on the ground or above the ground. Such as potholes, underground drainages, trees, or power poles.

Once you are aware of every obstacle and potential hazards around you, you can slowly engage the controls and begin to drive the boom lift away from where it was delivered.

Step 5: Driving the boom lift

A boom lift can be tricky to drive, but if you adjust your driving style and go slowly, it will start to make sense. When the boom lift is in motion, try to avoid any quick or jerky movements that could make the equipment sway. If you move into an area where there is a blind spot, always rotate the platform slowly so that you can evaluate the area before moving.

Step 6: Stopping and getting out

Once you’ve reached the desired location for the boom lift stop it and lower the platform down to the ground. Then you need to press the emergency stop button, and this will kill the power to the control box. It’s now safe to disconnect your harness from the anchor point and carefully exit the platform

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