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What is the best generator for rent in Australia?

When you need a generator for rent, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by the available choices. If you’re not too familiar with generators or you have a need to hire a generator for a long term project, it can be hard to get the right model to suit your needs. That’s why in this article we look at three key questions that you need to ask yourself when you need to hire a generator.

1. How Much Wattage does your generator for rent need?

Every generator has a different wattage, and before you consider renting one, it’s a good idea to know how much you will need. In general, a smaller or portable generator for rent will generate a lower wattage that could be enough depending on your needs. A larger generator may be a better fit if your wattage demands are much higher. If your project needs are at the higher end of the power using spectrum an advanced electric or diesel-powered generator may be ideal. If you’re not sure about your wattage needs, add up the power requirements for all the equipment that you want to run and round up. Don’t get a generator that meets your needs exactly; this could cause your equipment to lose power. It’s a better idea to hire a generator that exceeds your requirements a little to make sure that it can provide adequate power.

2. Which Fuel Source Will You Use?

There are a variety of options for fuel choice; they are: petrol, diesel, hybrid, nitrogen and electric, and each one has its merits and drawbacks. Things to consider are:

• If you need to use the generator indoors, an electric generator would be a better choice because there will be no toxic exhaust fumes.

• If you’re using the generator outdoors, it’s worth choosing a diesel generator with additional fuel tanks to allow for longer term use.

• Diesel generators typically use less fuel than petrol units, but they are usually larger and harder to move around. Petrol generators are lighter, more portable and
quiet in operation

3. Does the Loudness Matter?

Every generator has a decibel rating to describe how loud they are when working. It’s recommended that workers on a job site should not be exposed to sounds louder than 85 decibels. Also, if you need the generator for any indoor or outdoor event where speakers or musicians need to be heard this should be considered carefully. If you’re going to have workers and/or members of the public working or standing near a generator, it’s probably a good idea to spend more and get a quieter unit.

Answering these three simple questions will help you to narrow your search for the best generator to suit your needs.

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