Keep your Container Forklift Fleet up-to-date with Rentals from Access Hire

Partnering with Access Hire allows bulk handling organisations to maintain the most optimal fleet of container forklifts on site at all times. Efficiency in bulk handling goods, whether they be intermodal conainers, agricultural products, minerals or heavy construction materials, is heavily reliant on the equipment available. Moving large items requires safe, well-engineered equipment and Access Hire provides a range of container forklifts rentals for loading and moving containers at both ends of the job. Their preferred brand, the Kalmar Heavy lift trucks introduce a new way of heavy-duty container handling, and has been newly designed to meet current customer demands.

Container Forklifts and Reach Stackers for Hire.

Effortless Driving

The latest models of the Kalmar 9 – 18 tonne range present an effortless driving function, concentrating on enhanced visibility and handling which creates efficient working conditions and excellent overall economy. As a bulk handler, you are seeking productivity and cost efficiency. You can find it in one of Access Hires container forklift rentals.

Container Forklifts For Hire

Each container forklift has a lift height of 5m and load capacity ranges from 16000kg to 37000kg. Increased productivity comes from workplace efficiency and with the superior design features of the Kalmar DECF and ECE range, your forklift operator will be working at optimal conditions.

Smooth and Highly Visible

High levels of visibility, smooth operation, minimal sound and low vibrations and a controlled interior climate all allow the operator to stay on task for longer and with higher levels of concentration and commitment to getting loading completed. The cabin can be convertible to open or enclosed. The control panel inside the cabin is user friendly and intuitive and offers a range of functions that will make loading containers easier, safer and an altogether smoother operation. For more detailed specs on Access Hire’s fleet of container forklift rentals, go online at and see for yourself the power and performance possibilities on offer.

Top Maintenance Included

Access Hire maintain all equipment at the highest levels, and this is included in the rates for all container forklifts. A range of safety features ensures high productivity levels. Access Hire also offer training courses for operators for all of their equipment.

Container Forklifts For Hire

Ring Access Hire on 13 40 00 to speak to someone in your area and receive a complimentary onsite inspection to discuss which container forklift will best suit your business needs – and don’t forget to claim your Qantas Business Rewards. Access Hire have multiple branches across Australia and internationally for the convenience of all customers.

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