7 Reasons to Choose a Short Term Forklift for Hire

Many managers think about using a forklift for hire to meet an ongoing need on a long term contract. However, we have seen an increase in short term forklift rental for periods of a couple of days up to a few weeks in length. In this article, we will take a closer look at short term forklift rental and offer seven reasons why it may be a great option for your business.

Forklifts for hire

  1. Seasonal or Peak Times

Many business operations have seasonal or unexpected demands that will force them to react quickly. A sudden upswing in demand can place a great deal of strain on business, and an extra forklift or two could really help. This can be a hard situation to plan for, and it may be necessary to arrange a short term hire with very little notice. However, if you can predict your needs for a seasonal event, it’s a great idea to arrange a forklift hire early to secure the equipment that you will need.

  1. Evaluating New Equipment

If you have a business that’s considering buying or hiring a fleet of new forklifts, it’s a great idea to evaluate them first. A short term forklift hire will allow you to try out some of the forklifts that have made it onto your shortlist. The operators will get a chance to use them, and you can gather detailed feedback about each one.

  1. An Emergency Replacement

If you have a usual forklift that is unavailable due to an essential repair or for servicing you will need a short term forklift hire to keep your operations running. It’s good practice to arrange this in advance to cover a routine scheduled service, but if there is an unexpected breakdown or a more complex issue is discovered during a service, this may not be possible. A good equipment hiring company may be able to arrange a short term hire and get the forklift delivered quickly to minimise the downtime and disruption.

  1. To Meet a Certain Need

Perhaps your business has a need to move a specific type of product or pallet only at infrequent times of the year. In these circumstances, a short term forklift hire could provide the answer. Buying a forklift to only use it a few times each year would be a bad investment, especially when you factor in storage and maintenance costs.

  1. Operational Changes

If your business is going through some operational changes, it could be a great idea to hire an extra forklift for a short period. This could help in moving to a new location or to start up a new operation earlier when your current forklift is committed to another work site.

  1. A short term forklift hire will have different terms and conditions compared to a long term hire. This will be an ideal fit for a newer business that doesn’t have a large cash flow. This will give you some much needed flexibility to continue operations while waiting to receive a payment from a previously completed project.

If you need a short term forklift rental for your next project contact us at Access Hire and we will be happy to help.

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