New Safety Concept For Electric Scissor Lift Rentals

The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm concept is currently being developed by Genie. As the Australian leader in Genie electric scissor lift rentals, Access Hire is fully supportive of this innovation which is being designed to improve workplace safety. The design is being created in consultation with and in response to customer feedback. Workmen and technicians who rely on the Access Hire Scissor Lift to perform tasks at extreme elevations, have been in the forefront of requests for secondary guarding solutions and the new Lift Guard Contact Alarm will allay many of their safety concerns.

New Safety Concept for Electric Scissor Lift Rentals

Access Hire is a major Genie customer and is supportive of all initiatives to assist in achieving greater safety for their Genie hire customers. The Genie Lift Guard Contact Alarm uses a switch based system to activate whiskers on the platform guardrails when obstructions are sensed. If an activation whisker comes into contact with an obstruction, the machine halts immediately. Examples of obstructions can be pipes, doorframes or beams.

Once the whisker is activated, the machine motion stops. The operators are then able to centre the joystick to release the enable function, allowing them to continue to position the platform at a slower speed thereby avoiding any danger the obstruction presents.

Visibility is also enhanced by supplementing the operator’s own situational awareness. Having the back-up of the contact guard rail will allows sharper decision making about positioning and eliminates any unnecessary downtime occasioned by sensing envelopes that are ambiguous at best.

The planned adoption of these new technologies will allow Access Hire electric scissor lift rental customers to improve productivity, workplace safety, safe costs on insurance and replacement machinery, without affecting the range of electric scissor lifts hire rates.

Access Hire carry a range of electric scissor lift rentals that are already designed with safety in mind. Weighted wheels, pneumatic and treaded for rough terrain, or foam filled non-marking tyres for work in areas such as halls, theatres or libraries bring stability and safety to the operation. Smaller jobs can be achieved quickly and efficiently with a 6.57m height range, which can be driven around the site safely.

For outdoor technicians, painters or electricians, the 13.7 m elevation will lift the workmen and their tools of trade to maximum height. The spacious platform provides space for two technicians with all their required equipment, and includes extending decks and a link stack centred at full elevation creating machine rigidity for full workplace safety. Employing the Guard Contact Alarm means reaching these extreme heights to perform repairs or installations as well as moving the platform through busy areas or construction sites doesn’t rely just on the operator’s senses.

If your workmen require a sturdy platform to work from, Access Hire offer the best electric scissor lift hire rates and provide a safe and reliable solution, ensuring you have the best EWP available. Call us today to arrange a site inspection: 13 40 00.

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